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As a full service professional accounting firm, Pash Accounting & Tax Services offers trusted professionals with the depth and experience to assist you in managing your business affairs. Pash Accounting & Tax Services is your source of sound business advice.

Making Tax Strategies Work For You

Rapidly changing tax legislation means that expert advice is essential for both individual and corporate taxpayers. Pash Accounting & Tax Services tax professionals advise on the complete spectrum of tax concerns that affect you. From concept to execution, we design the most effective tax strategies tailored to your individual circumstances.

Our Pash Accounting & Tax Services tax professionals can assist you with:

  • Corporate Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Purchases and Sales of Businesses

  • Succession Planning

  • Compensation Strategies for Owner Managed Businesses

  • Personal Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Negotiations with Tax Authorities

  • Objections to Reassessments

  • Goods and Services Tax Planning and Compliance

Corporate Tax

We complete and file corporate tax returns or T2 returns. If you’re looking for a firm you can trust, look no further.


Let our office handle the books. Our team of proficient & professionals bookkeepers that can help keep your practice finances in order.

Personal  Tax

Don’t let a piece of software do your taxes. Let us optimize your personal tax returns to put more of that hard earned money back in your pocket.


We look forward to guiding you through this process and putting your business on the path to success.

“Any difficult task seems easier

if you break it down into manageable steps.”

Corporate Tax

The Income Tax Act of Canada is a complex legislative document with many tax planning opportunities and even more tax vulnerabilities. Pash Accounting & Tax Services will help your company navigate the tax confusion and ensure the combined personal and corporate taxes you pay are minimized.
Filing Requirements: 
  • 6 months from fiscal year end
  • Corporate Tax Instalments: Fees on active income: monthly
    (base based on previous tax liability, balance to be paid in 3 months)
  • Provincial Tax Rates Alberta: On actual income, 3 months from year end


To keep you on top of your business and one step ahead of your competitors, you need timely and accurate financial information. Our monthly bookkeeping services can give you this and more. Our technicians can meet your financial recording needs when you require it – monthly, quarterly, or yearly. We are competent and confident in Simply Accounting, QuickBooks, Caseware & Spreadsheets.
Software Update
Software assists so much with the smooth operation of any business. Remember to keep your software up to date to take advantage of technical fixes, updated virus protection, and ease of data exchange.

Personal Tax

Whether you have a corporation, proprietorship, or other business interest, everyone has to file a personal income tax return. Our firm will help you navigate the tax confusion to ensure tax planning opportunities are effectively utilized and tax pitfalls are avoided.
Filing Requirements
  • Individual Filing Requirement: April 30
  • Proprietor Instruments Requirement: March 15, June 15, September 15, December 15

Goal of this Area

This is a place where we want to let our clients make the most of technology for their own benefit. As this site progresses, clients using this area will be better able to keep up to date not only with their software, but with their colleagues, their communication, and their management of perhaps their most lucrative asset, their time. Look in the near future to this area for additions including internet meeting capabilities, and other cutting edge technologies to prove how committed we are to our clients.

We help businesses with their bookkeeping work

Our bookkeeping experts specialize in preparation of financial data for businesses by posting transactions using accounting software. We take care of posting financial transactions to all accounts such as “income” or “expenses”. Our clients enjoy quick updates and high level of accuracy during the entire process.

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